My name is Benjamin Davis. I am a columnist for Russia Beyond, author of The King of FU, & managing editor of Sexography. I have covered events as big as The World Economic Forum as a mixed-media journalist and as small as my cats chasing cockroaches around the kitchen as an aspiring essayist & fiction writer. Here are some other places you can find me:

  • The King of FU: My novella published by Nada Blank Press in May 2018 – a magically realistic poetic memoir about growing up in America in the nineties on the cusp of the age of the internet. It is a voyage that navigates through family tribalism, supervisors, white-gloved Sheriffs, bullies, sex, suicide, dead prisoners, drugs, porn, middle school, and Jesus; all in search of answering one of life’s greatest mysteries: what is the point of adults?
  • Conversations with Russians: My column in Russia Beyond – an American writer living in Russia, explores a wide range of topics, from the pointless to the profound, through conversations with Russians.
  • Hello Stick, Goodbye Carrot: My newsletter – a bi-monthly newsletter for stick people. Get updates on my work, background on individual essays, and see my top-notch drawing skills.
  • The Uninvited Guest: A digital zine illustrated by incarmine (Nastia L.) – a young man spends a restless night in Saint Petersburg, Russia fending off five uninvited guests: Domovoi, Sandman, Time, Death, and The Traveler.

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