My name is Benjamin Davis. I am a writer living in St. Petersburg, Russia.

For some of my work, check below:


Over the past year I have worked with artist Nikita Klimov on our project Flash-365 where we wrote a story and created art every day for a year.


To check out our project, click here

*Our next project will be a series of comics that will be created exclusive for PATREON.

To check out our page there and support us, click here.


I am a contributing writer to the art Collective Hijacked Amygdala. It is a group of poets, writers, artists etc.

Nikita and myself post there bi-weekly. To check them out, click here.


Our upcoming book The King of FU will soon be available on Amazon, Nook, Google Play and hard copies through Nada Blank Publishing. Link will be available shortly.


This page will have updates on upcoming projects, bonus materials and an opportunity to answer any questions anyone might have.

Welcome and thank you. I will most likely edit this page later to be more funny and engaging but for now I am tired and just didn’t wan’t it to read “This is an example of an About page.”

Thanks for stopping by,



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