what I do and why I do it

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what do I write? Fiction: magical realism and absurdism as seen in my first book: The King of FU. Non-fiction: relationships, addiction, sex, travel, politics, Russian culture and anything that pays in money or laughs (mostly).

what is my writing like? Like a bunch of people at a party trying to tell different jokes at the same time. (Latest: That Time I Got Illegal Butt Surgery in Russia (Human Parts)

why do I write? Because cats can’t. Or some such other pretentious nonsense I’ll come up with later.

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current project: The Uninvited Guests (illustrated by Nastia L.)

book: The King of FU (Nada Blank Press)

column: Conversations with Russians (Russia Beyond)

magazine: Sexography

radio play: The Babushka Society (She’s in Russia)

fiction blogs: Flash-365 & The Moss

Latest Humor Article: That Time I Got Illegal Butt Surgery in Russia (Human Parts)

Latest article on Russia: U.S. Russophobia Needs to Stop (Russia Beyond)

Latest Fiction: Kids These Days (Defenestration)

Latest humor article: 3 Excuses Why Men Refuse to Give Oral & How to Get the F— Over It (Elephant Journal)

Fiction sometimes found in: Defenestration, Cease, Cows, Three Drops Press, Slackjaw, and others

Non-fiction sometimes found in: Human Parts, Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog, and others.

(profile image by @eaganiya)

Current Project: The Uninvited Guests – Illustrated by Nastia L. (Sponsored by Patreon Supporters)

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Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 8.20.03 PM
Five strange guests visit the bedroom of a young man throughout a long cold night in Saint Petersburg, Russia


My dreams are on a strict diet of money and tears. I am all out of tears. So, support me on Patreon!