hijacked amygdala

Getting a haircut in a foreign country is like going to the dentist anywhere in the world; it sucks. Yet, I’d live in a dentist’s office before resorting to a man-bun, so I do what I have to do. I can tell that they can tell I am American before I open my mouth.


I nod. They lead me over to the sinks. They place a large black plastic robe around me and sit me down. As always, there is no position that is pleasant for my neck and my head is so far back that I can’t comfortably breathe. They wash it twice, three times.

I sit in front of the mirror, wet. I sigh.

“Style?” The woman asks. Embarrassed, as always, I find the screen shot on my phone of some much better looking man with much better hair than me and show it to her. She…

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3 comments on “Snip-Snip”
  1. anie says:

    great to find you here. i wanted to leave a comment to “The most beautiful woman in the world”, but i could not…so I leav it here. i hope you do not mind:
    This is the most moving thing I’ve been reading for a long time! How awesome the invention, how pathetic the consequences. As is so often the case, geniality and catastrophe are closely related. Love is something very simple. You can feel that feeling immediately. What I love is my greatest, my most beautiful and my best.Liebe is individual and can not be packed into a uniform beauty ideals. A pity around the time, if one believes this try.

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    1. Thank you. I started this page as a way to have a place to catalog all of my writing. So, if stories get accepted places I can add them here and so on. Also with the book coming out I wanted people to be able to find an Author’s page if they want to. I’m glad you liked that story. It was the first story I ever published and I’ve always enjoyed it.

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      1. anie says:

        It´s perfect to have an Author´s page! And your first published story is really fantastic!


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