Cheese and Handcuffs

The story that started our 365 Challenge and still one of my favorites.


I sit on the windowsill of Nikita’s old high ceilinged bedroom and stare at the wall.

“What is that?” I ask him. On the wall opposite the window is a large painting a bit like a tree’s rings. There are different designs that wrap around and around from a dot in the center. Each is in a different style and has different designs inlaid.

“Everyone who lives here paints on another ring. My ring will cover the whole rest of the wall when I leave. And I will paint over that last person, it is ugly.”

I look at the last ring on the circle and contemplate how little I understand art. The rest of the room appeals to me more. The walls are crumbling and cracked, and you have to sweep up old lead paint chips every time you open a window. Nikita looks up at me from his…

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  1. yes, that was a wonderful beginning story. “love is not always roses and poems” a perfect time to start a 365day challenge to write with handcuffs and cheese-head and lots of guts to climb the roof. Courage is worth it! Your challange was a great success you have a lot of fans who love you!


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