Love and Terrorism at the FIFA World Cup

New story up on Flash-365 about this woman from some Russian TV channel trying to marry my girlfriend and I at Fan Center for the FIFA World Cup in St. Petersburg. Also, made it a bit more weird cause, I can’t help myself.


pigeonsA group of Iranian soccer fans shouting “olayolayolay” at 9:00 am is not my alarm clock of choice. The FIFA World Cup has come to St. Petersburg.

Y and I head for the Fan Center. At the gates they confiscate a spoon from Y’s purse before letting us in. We stop for a drink at one of the stands. Y buys a cola.

“Can I have the top?” she asks.

The man behind the counter shakes his head.

“What? Why not?”


We continue on through the crowd. There are hippopotami walking two-by-two all around the blue and red barriers hiding the fans from the streets. I don’t notice any little yellow birdies. It is loud that it is obnoxious. The type of obnoxious-loud where instead of saying “fuck—it’s loud here!” you just end up looking around and saying, “seriously?”

Y tugs at my arm, saying something. “WHAT?!”…

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