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Updates and New Exclusive Content

Today I am launching The Uninvited Guests illustrated by Nastia L.

“Five strange guests visit the bedroom of a young man throughout a long cold night in Saint Petersburg, Russia”

This will be an ongoing project that will span five months of Patreon projects. There will be updates, bonus content, and it will be exclusive to Patreon for the first month of each release.

Part One: The Domovoi is now available for Patreon supporters.

As a newsletter subscriber I am also going to open this project up to you. The link is:

If you haven’t had the chance to take a look at my Patreon page, please take a look:

$3/month gives you full access to all of the content and there are a number of great projects on there that I have completed this year. In the coming months, I am going to start posting more: updates, vlogs, early access to stories and articles, and bonus content and hard copies for different tiers of subscribers.

Thank you very much in advance for taking a look and considering signing up. If you need any help with the process, here is a step by step guide:

I am very excited to be working with Nastia. She is an incredibly talented artist and designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She has created art for the magazine Sexography that I co-edit and contribute to on Medium and more of her art can be found on Instagram, Tumblr, and Dribble:

In Other News:

• The King of FU just won an award in the Readers Favorite Contest:

• My Chapbook, “Sisyphus Tripped” received an honorable mention in The Cupboard Pamphlet contest and stories have been published in Defenestration & Three Drops Press Issue #27.

• Nikita and I have published a new story in our project The Moss titled The Sock Fetishist. You might remember this story as receiving an Honorable mention in the fiction contest I participated in over the summer. You can find the story here:

• I am working on launching a Travel Magazine which should go live at some point this fall.

• I have revamped my website and our Patreon page to reflect the ongoing project “The Uninvited Guests”.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support.


Benjamin Davis

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Columnist for Russia Beyond, author of The King of FU, & managing editor of Sexography. I have covered events as big as The World Economic Forum as a mixed-media journalist and as small as my cats chasing cockroaches around the kitchen as an aspiring humor & fiction writer.

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