3 insane conversations I’ve had with my Russian girlfriend | Russia Beyond

New article up on Russia Beyond about 3 conversations I’ve had with my Russian girlfriend. To be fair, they changed the title to “3 insane conversations I’ve had with my Russian girlfriend.” I didn’t realize they were insane, maybe I am insane. Oh dear…  I am sure that Russian women are not the only ones who create these kinds of dialogues, but if you plan to date a Russian, plan to have your ideas challenged.



Why the U.S. is Wrong about Russians

I got sucked down the rabbit hole of Late Night Talk show host clips about Russia on YouTube. With the World Cup being here, there are endless jokes and bits being played about Russia’s lack of accommodating smiles.

While it is amusing, if they’d targeted any other country’s culture in this way, it’d be considered straight up racism. Oh well. Instead of preaching about how rude and wrong this rhetoric is, I wrote a short article for Russia Beyond about some of the positive things we can learn from a more reserved and honest culture like Russia.