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Five strange guests visit the bedroom of a young man throughout a long cold night in Saint Petersburg, Russia

EPISODE I: Domovoi [Patreon Only Until December]

EPISODE II: Time Traveler [Now Available!]

Chef’s Specials


That Time I Got My Eyeballs Lasered in South Korea (Human Parts)

Local Favorites:

The Art of Staying Sober – Human Parts

Kids These Days – Defenestration

The Truth About Farting in Front of Loved Ones – P.S. I Love You

Top 3 Excuses Why Men Don’t Give Oral Sex – Elephant Journal

U.S. Russophobia Needs to Stop – Russia Beyond

Longer Works

The King of FU

Novella | Nada Blank Press | 2018

A magically realistic poetic memoir about growing up in America in the nineties on the cusp of the age of the internet. It is a voyage that navigates through family tribalism, supervisors, white-gloved Sheriffs, bullies, sex, suicide, dead prisoners, drugs, porn, middle school, and Jesus; all in search of answering one of life’s greatest mysteries: what is the point of adults?

The Babushka Society

Radio Play | She’s In Russia Podcast | 2018

Baba Yaga menaced Russian children for generations, but what would happen if you ran into her in modern-day Russia? The Babushka Society is a demented magical-realism adventure set in the heart of Saint Petersburg, where two young men stumble across a babushka conspiracy, led by Russian fairytales’ stalwart character Baba Yaga, to take the country of Russia back from the Hipster scourge.

Flash-365“Take a shit, read a story” – my mother

Award Winning Fiction Blog | 2016-2017

Flash-365 was a collaborative project between an American writer, Benjamin Davis and a Russian Artist, Nikita Klimov. From October 2016-October 2017, they created one story and one picture every day.




Three Drops Press

Cease, Cows

The Drabble

Hijacked Amygdala

If It’s Not 1 Thing, It’s Your Mother

Lit Up

The Junction

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