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What Happened When Frank Died is a bi-monthly fiction column published in the online lit-zine, Talk Vomit. In this column, for as long as I’m allowed, I’m going to kill Frank. Like—a lot. Worse, every two weeks, he will then be subjected to a multiverse of afterlives: absurd, funny, brutal, depressing, wild, creepy, heart-wrenching afterlives. Some will be based on existing theories, some on my own demented imaginings. In each, Frank will begin anew, searching, as always, for his lost family in the messy business of the many potential Great Beyonds. Frank (thankfully) does not remember his past-afterlives. Yet, attentive readers who pick up clues along the way will be able to solve the mystery of what happened before Frank died.

The King of FU is a novella illustrated by Nikita Klimov and published by Nada Blank Press (2018). It is a magically realistic poetic memoir about growing up in America in the nineties on the cusp of the age of the internet. It is a voyage that navigates through family tribalism, supervisors, white-gloved Sheriffs, bullies, sex, suicide, dead prisoners, drugs, porn, middle school, and Jesus; all in search of answering one of life’s greatest mysteries: what is the point of adults?

The Babushka Society is a Bilingual (Russian-English) Radio Drama produced by SiR Podcast and published by Nada Blank Press. Baba Yaga menaced Russian children for generations, but what would happen if you ran into her in modern-day Russia? The Babushka Society is a demented magical-realism adventure set in the heart of Saint Petersburg, where two young men stumble across a babushka conspiracy, led by Russian fairytales’ stalwart character Baba Yaga, to take the country of Russia back from the Hipster scourge.

The Uninvited Guests is an illustrated e-zine published by Slippery Elm Press in collaboration with Saint Petersburg based artist, Nastia L. The Uninvited Guests follows our hero through a long dark night in Saint Petersburg, Russia as his attempt to sleep is interrupted by the arrival of five uninvited guests. The Domovi (Three Drops Press: Issue 27), Time Traveler, Death, Sandman (Three Drops Press: Issue 29), and Amber. *Finalist in the Deanna Tulley Multimedia Contest 2020


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