Publications in December

Publications in December:

December 1stAn American expat writer observes how Russians morph into ‘winter mode’ – An article on life and Russians in winter published in Russia Beyond.


December 9thHow Russia Inspired a Year of Daily Art and Stories – A guest post on Nesie’s place about the project Flash-365 and The King of FU.


December 10th

The Exceptional Uselessness of Cats (but I love them anyways) – A story published on Medium that I just happen to be fond of but was not submitted to publications.


December 25thContemplating Gender Roles while Following my Wife around Marshalls – a story published in The Junction, based on true events.


Other News:

Video Interview I did in Saint Petersburg about my past and future projects:

Interview with Benjamin Davis from Alena Koleso on Vimeo.



Let’s Freelance this Bitch

[WEEK 1]

My brother and I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We recently decided to quit our jobs and try to become freelance writers, because—fuck it. There are so many blog “abouts” that say “I made a living from my laptop traveling the world. I am a digital nomad woo-hoo!” But, how easy is it, really? We don’t know yet, but we’ll find out.

Here is our Journey.


One recurring editorial client.
One script editing and voice recording with promise for future work.
One ghost written article about property management.
One Lifestyle article for Russia Beyond
One recurring job writing local guides for hotels
Total money made: $270


Rejected article on “Drinking in Russia”


We’ve responded to ads for:
Captioning 32 pictures of cats for a series of Veterinarian holiday cards (sadly no response)
Writing a full fantasy novel for 500 bucks (also sadly no response… yet)

Previous work:
How Russians Changed my Life [Published in Russia Beyond]
3 Insane Conversations with my Russian Girlfriend [Published in Russia Beyond]
Why Russians and Americans are not that Different [Published in Russia Beyond]
Why does Bitcoin Have Value? [Published in Hackernoon]
The Longest New York Minute [Published in Dataspaceone]
Who Owns Your Body? [Published in Dataspaceone]


Article Writing (Technology & Business) 400-600 words: $100

800-1000 words: $150

1200+ words: per project

Article Writing (Lifestyle) $50-100 based on
Editorial Services (Creative works) $.05 / word
Editorial Services (Technical) $20 / hour
Copywriting for Social Media Per Project
Resume Writing $200
Web Content Creation Per Project
Social Media Creation / Management Per Project
Video Production Services Per Project
Voice Recording $15 per minute

[min charge for any project – Equivalent of 1 Hour]