Review: The King of FU

The Fail Book Review just did a really great in-depth review of our book The King of FU. I greatly appreciate it and am glad to share a few excerpts of it here:

“The illustrations are brilliant. Full credit to Nikita Klimov, because it reflects the protagonist (we’ll call him V)’s inner demons so well. Without spoiling the plot, I especially loved the one where he waits by the telephone, Maggie’s death and the shower illustration.”

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“In the early years of the 20th century, a group of Russian dudes came up with the concept of defamiliarization. In simple terms, it was the presentation of a literary text in a strange or unfamiliar way, often using language or literary devices to “enhance the perception of the familiar.”

What do a group of old Russian dudes have to do with The King of FU? Everything, actually.

From the fact that it calls itself a “poetic memoir” to the fact that V meets the most unconscious, universally accepted practices with bewilderment, the defamiliarization is strong in this one. And the end product is much the same: it makes us question the most basic tenets of what we call ‘adulthood’.”

Thank you very much again to The Fail Book Review

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